How does it happen?

There are many activities in multiple areas of interest that can be done on the Internet, but playing games online is one of the most addictive. It is true that some of them are great to play fool around on short breaks. However, others may require frequent logins, such as business management, strategy, and role-playing. To keep playing such a game, people need to log in daily or several times a day, at specific times, which interrupts them from their work and makes them waste time playing games online, instead of spending it at work. .

how to prevent it

To limit their employees’ access to distracting online activities, many companies are using web filtering solutions that allow them to restrict access to any website that they feel may decrease the productivity of their staff and is not necessary to do their job. job. As a result, companies tend to restrict access to social media, news websites, online flash game websites, video streaming websites, and other online content that is considered distracting.

Due to boredom, addiction, and other reasons, employees struggle to find other ways to access their favorite websites and online games. Among the most used methods are web proxies. By using a web proxy, employees can bypass restrictions imposed at work and visit websites that are otherwise unavailable. People who are severely addicted to their internet habits like social media and gaming can often have trouble keeping their jobs and relationships. There are also milder cases that may experience decreased performance at work, among other effects.

To prevent their employees from wasting time surfing the web instead of working, some companies prefer to monitor the online traffic of their workers to see if they are using the Internet for productive purposes เว็บบอล or not. This method is less aggressive and offers a certain degree of flexibility for employees, allowing moderate use of the Internet for leisure. In this case, they can occasionally visit their favorite websites, social networks, and even play online games, for short periods of time, during coffee or lunch breaks.

On the other hand, when done in moderation, these online activities also have benefits. Sometimes people just need a short break from what they were doing to clear their minds and return to their tasks refreshed and relaxed. Therefore, restricting access to all online leisure activities in offices, schools and institutions can have negative effects. People will feel that their freedom is severely limited and that their employers do not trust them.


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