How to Read the Bible and Be Blessed

Sacred writing Reading:”Meditate upon these things; give thyself completely to them; that thy benefitting may appear to all”(1 Timothy 4:15).

THE BEST book to peruse in the entire world is the Bible. Peruse it wherever you proceed to peruse it day to day. It is exceptionally and supernaturally stacked with every conceivable kind of favors for your otherworldly and actual upkeep. Being in contact with the Bible is being in contact with favors. Be that as it may, many read the Bible and track down it “unfilled, tragically.”

To peruse the Bible and be honored, there are sure things that should be set up in your life:

*You should be connected with the Secrets of the Bible Author of the Book-God. That basically implies, you should be brought back to life. The Bible is an otherworldly Book. It just takes one who is otherworldly to grasp the message of the Bible, and being brought back to life makes you profound. To be brought back to life, you want to atone of and admit your wrongdoings to God, requesting absolution. Then, at that point, you acknowledge Jesus with a supernatural conviction into your heart, making Him your Lord and individual Savior-John 3:3

*Make God your Lover and the Bible His adoration letter to you. Love for God and His statement makes His assertion “sweet” to your spirit. At the point when you read the Bible as though you are perusing an adoration letter, the message in that turns out to be clear and fascinating – Matthew 22:37; Psalm 119:97.

*Profoundly want the Bible. The craving ought to be sufficiently able to make you need to peruse the it like clockwork. The longing ought to be more grounded than that for food, cash or some other thing. At the point when you read the Bible like a ravenous man eats food, you track down it a favored book – 1 Peter 2:2.

*Peruse the Bible determinedly. Before you read the Bible, request that the Holy Spirit assist you with grasping the word. While you are perusing, ask Him for understandings. Then, at that point, subsequent to perusing, take as much time as necessary to supplicate in the word. It is as you ask it in, it turns into a gift and part of your life – John 16:13

*Peruse the Bible thoughtfully. As you read, find opportunity to mull over what you are reading.That is, THINK SILENTLY AND DEEPLY on the word you are perusing, applying it to various parts of your life and conditions, and that in itself, takes time.You don’t peruse the Bible in a rush. NO! On the off chance that you are in a rush, you can not ponder successfully. Surging over the word, surges you out of your endowments – Joshua 1:8.

*Peruse the Bible with an “receptive outlook. You should have the readiness to gain from the word. In the event that you lock your brain with the latch of unbelief, pride, debilitation, dread, questions, covetuosness or stresses, you can’t be honored. Thus, open your psyche each time you need to peruse the Bible.


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