Many magazines and websites have Fantasy Football cheat sheets with auction values listed. Many of these lists are based on everyone in the league starting with $100. Others base it on a $200 system. Often times they do not tell you which it is based on. Most people should have no trouble figuring out which it as and adjusting it for their league but some probably don’t figure it out and starting spending money in a $100 auction while looking at a list for a $200 auction and think they just got a great deal on Ray Rice when really they just spent half their starting amount and overpaid.

Not stating the starting amount is irresponsible by the writer. But what gets me even more upset and almost every magazine and website is guilty of is that they do not state how big the league is that the figures are based on. If the league is a 10 team, 12 team or larger the values should vary quite a bit. Even savvy fantasy football players most often do not account for this.

This is important information as top level players are more a commodity and should ทางเข้าเว็บหลัก ufabet มือถือ go for a higher amount in larger leagues. The formula I have worked out and it varies a bit based on how much top tier talent there is in a given year is this. The top 50 players should represent about 83% of the total money available in the auction system. So a league with 10 teams with a starting amount of $100 has a pool of $1000. $830 dollars give or take should be spent on the top 50 players. If more than that is spent there should be good value later on. If less then that is spent there will be too much money still in play and there will not be good values for the lesser players.

For a 12 team league with $100 as the starting amount the total pool is $1200. Which mean about $996 should be spent on the top 50 players. The difference between what should be spent in a 10 team league and a 12 team league on the top 50 players is $166 or a little over $3 a player which is very significant. If you buy 4 players in the top 50 and overspend by $3 per player you have over spent by $12, which represents a quality player.

A way to check the auction values your analyzing as is to add up all the auction values of the top 50 overall players. Take that total and see what it is 83% of. Compare that to the total pool your league starts with. If the figure is well below your league’s total starting amount consider those auction values too low for your league. If the total is above your leagues total starting amount consider those values to high for your leagues auction.

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